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“Mechanical vibration at increasing frequencies is known as sound energy. The normal human sound range is from 16Hz to something approaching 15-20,000 Hz (in children and young adults). Beyond this upper limit, the mechanical vibration is known as ULTRASOUND. The frequencies used in therapy are typically between 1.0 and 3.0 MHz (1MHz = 1 million cycles per second).”
Tim Watson –

Electrotherapy To Heal The Tissue

The process of healing from an injury, regardless of the tissue affected, involves a series of complicated steps within the body’s tissues. It is believed that the mechanical vibrations from the ultrasound machine can enhance the body’s ability to heal the tissues more efficiently.

At Heal Physiotherapy we use two modalities of Electrotherapy for more information on TENS click here.

Ultrasound Consultation - Dundee

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"Excellent standard of care from the initial contact telephone call to end of treatment.  Heal Physiotherapy is a highly professional organisation which delivers the highest quality of care.  At all times the individual needs of the patient are upper most.  I was transformed from a complete state of immobility to full functioning in 4 visits and left treatment with clear guidance on prevention actions.  We are lucky to this high level of physiotherapy treatment within easy access of Dundee and North Fife"
Dr Liz Rogerson