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Joint Mobilisation, Soft Tissue Release & Sports Massages

Following your assessment our experienced clinicians will choose the appropriate physiotherapy treatment techniques for you. 

These may include:

  • Joint mobilisations – using hands-on treatment to move the joint to increase movement or reduce pain.  These techniques are appropriate for spinal and peripheral joints.
  • McKenzie principles – The McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment is used for many of our spinal clients (
  • Soft tissue release - techniques will vary depending on the assessment of the condition.  Our physiotherapists may choose to use massage techniques and trigger point release.  We also use cupping and gua sha to improve symptoms of pain or stiffness in your soft tissues. 
Our Sports Massage Therapists are available for massage treatments.

Rehabilitation exercises – it is normal practice for you to leave Heal with ‘homework’.  These will be taught by your Physiotherapist for you to carry out between treatment sessions.  It is important to us that you restore movement, reduce pain and return to your normal activities.  Your home exercises will reinforce the treatment you receive in the clinic and allow you to control any pain you are experiencing.  By progressing your exercises we aim to improve strength and function so you complete your experience of Heal feeling you can get on with your life without your symptoms holding you back.

We also offer Pilates which helps as a physiotherapy technique, CLICK HERE for more information on Pilates.

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"Final visit today and just wanted to say thanks for the professional service. Neck injury has now gone. Keep up the great work that you all do.  August 2017"
Donna Cruikshank