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Postnatal Pilates is a great way to begin your return to physical activity in the postnatal period.  Understandably, it can be a challenge to commit to exercise during this time – you’re tired, have limited time in your day, and there’s the issues of childcare. 

Thankfully we can help with one of those challenges as you can bring your baby with you to class!*

Post Natal Pilates Dundee

Pilates aims to hasten recovery postnatally by increasing general fitness, muscle tone and strength.  In addition to helping you cope with the demands of motherhood, it can assist with weight loss, and has also been shown to reduce anxiety and positively impact postnatal mental health.

You must have had your 6-week postnatal check with your medical professional prior to attending our classes.  We will also ask you to complete a health questionnaire prior to being allocated a class.  This questionnaire will be screened by our Physiotherapists and allow us to gather a background of pregnancy and fitness information for you.  Should we have further questions you may be asked to attend the clinic for a 1-2-1 appointment.  This allows you and the class instructor to be reassured of your suitability to undertake Pilates in a class setting.

Post Natal Pilates Dundee Classes

Our Pilates Instructors are all Physiotherapists who will closely monitor and assist with adaptations to exercises to suit individual needs within your Pilates class.


Mats and Pilates equipment will be provided for you, however, we will not have mats for babies, so if you think your baby will need out of their car seat/carrier please bring your own mat and any toys to entertain your little one. Dress comfortably, but avoid excessively baggy clothing. For hygiene reasons socks must be worn at all times.  

What to bring to a Post Natal Pilates Class?

We look forward to welcoming you to our Pilates studio.

(* Babies are welcome to attend until they become independently mobile and it is unsuitable for them to remain in their car seat/carrier, or within the confines of a mat within class).


"I'm very pleased with the treatment I get at Heal. Kerry works miracles for me and I don't have to take time off work. Highly recommended."
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