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Heal Vitrual Classes – the story so far…

In rapid response to the Covid-19 lockdown we launched our Virtual classes in the first week of April 2020. As always, our classes are closely supervised and instructed by Physiotherapists. The ongoing advice and social distancing restrictions mean we are planning to keep our classes in this format until the end of June 2020.

The classes have been going well.  A feedback questionnaire showed that 100% of responders found the classes easy to follow as they found instructor was clearly visible and audible. All responders would also recommend our classes to others. Why not suggest them to a friend or sign up for an additional class this block. We also have an offer on unlimited access.

By using Zoom, a video conferencing platform, we can offer your class direct to your phone, tablet, or laptop from the comfort of your own home. For every virtual class we have a staff member on hand to help if there is an unexpected technical problem! If you would like a trial of accessing the platform, we are happy to arrange this. 



You will need a mat or towel to lie on and a head cushion or towel, and a chair. Other equipment will be kept to a minimum but if you wish to add some extra effort to the exercises you may wish to have small weights (bottles of water or tins from your stockpile would do), resistance bands, and a tennis ball/spikey ball (for release work).

Stong.Fit.Stable. Virtual Class

Strong.Fit.Stable is a physio-led exercise class at Heal Physiotherapy suitable for anyone looking to build general and postural strength, improve balance and enhance fitness. Strong.Fit.Stable incorporates a variety of exercises with a prime focus on functional fitness targeting daily activities such as bending, lifting and walking to keep you fit to do the things you want to do.  

Benefits of increasing strength and balance include:

  • Improving and maintaining bone density to reduce the risk of developing or prevent Osteoporosis.
  • Reduce the risk of falls.
  • Prevent the progression of joint stiffness and arthritis.
  • Reduce the onset of common musculoskeletal injuries such as back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain etc
  • Maintain flexibility, general mobility and improve fitness
  • Improve medical and psychological health

A registration form will be sent out to you were you will be asked questions about your general health and any daily activities which you may be having difficulty with. We would like to ask you to attach any reports of any scans you may have had recently (such as bone density scans, MRI or XRAY). You can request a copy of these from your GP or consultant. If possible, we would prefer that these are returned to us before your first class.


"I'm very pleased with the treatment I get at Heal. Kerry works miracles for me and I don't have to take time off work. Highly recommended."
Natalie Haxton