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Please feel free to contact us to let us know how we can help you and make what we do that little bit better. If you want to give us a call or drop by for a visit then the details below will help you to get in touch.

Contact details


Dundee: 01382 227227
St Andrews: 01334 845481





14 Dudhope Street

St Andrews:

Saints Sports
University of St Andrews
Sports Centre
St Leonards Road
St Andrews
KY16 9DY

Opening hours


Monday: 8am - 8pm

Tuesday: 8am - 7pm

Wednesday: 8am - 8pm

Thursday: 8am - 7:30pm

Friday: 8am - 4pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday: Closed

St Andrews

Wednesday: 9am - 6:30pm


We have disabled access into the building,

the treatment rooms, and toilet facilities.

Please note the car park is sloped and

there is a gradient to reach the entrance.

We will be happy to help you access the

clinic if you have concerns that either

of these may restrict you.

Some on-site car parking is available.

Alternatively, there is on-street parking.



St Andrews

On-site car park is available for free.

There is also disabled access into the

building, the treatment room, and

toilet facilities.

My first visit.

When you arrive at Heal you will be welcomed by our receptionists and shown to our waiting room. Prior to your appointment you should fill in our online consent form and update your details. These will be completed when you book online, or will be emailed to you prior to your appointment.

What to expect

Your physiotherapist will ask you questions in regard to your symptoms and your general health.

There is always time for you to ask any questions you may have or give them information you feel is relevant to your condition.

You will be examined and any relevant tests will be carried out to help diagnose your symptoms.

During the first session treatment will be started and you an explanation of any findings will be discussed.

You are likely to leave with some ‘homework’ exercises.

If further sessions are required you will be given an estimate of the number of treatment that may be needed.

What to wear

Whatever you like but in order to carry out an examination, you may be asked to remove items of clothing that allow the Physiotherapist to assess you thoroughly. There will be an opportunity to change into shorts/loose clothing if you prefer. If your injury affects your ability to run it is helpful to bring trainers and shorts as we might ask you to jump onto the treadmill during the session.

Please be reassured that you will not be expected to undress if you an uncomfortable with doing so.

Anything else?

If your physiotherapist feels you need further investigation you may be referred to your GP or you can access one of our private specialists directly for an additional fee. This will be discussed with you during the appointment.

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