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Employers and employees benefit from promoting health in the workplace. Having healthy and motivated staff can reduce sickness absences, improve productivity and help create a safer working environment.  We have a depth of knowledge with regards to healthy working lives and often advise our clients on strategies to improve lifestyle and work environment using a variety of tools.

We have many years of experience working with employers and insurance companies with a high standard of service level agreement and are regularly audited and visited by them.  

Companies we have worked with present and past include:

  • Scottish Fire and Rescue
  • Dundee City Council – all departments
  • OHSAS – Scottish Water
  • OHSAS – NHS Fife
  • IPRS – Scottish Ambulance Service
  • IPRS – Royal Mail
  • IPRS – Police Scotland
  • Ashton Funeral Directors
  • Harry Corry
  • Physio-Med – Department of Work and Pensions
  • Rehab Works – British Telecom
  • Gowrie Contracts
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"I have been sending employees to Heal for 5 years both for work related injuries, strains and sprains, and also for employees sports and DIY related injuries from home. The benefits to me as an employer have included a healthier and fitter workforce, a reduction in lost days/sick days, and end to Monday morning malingering and an appreciation from the workforce for offering this benefit to them. Employees have benefited through not losing days at work through sickness/injury and in some instances underlying issues have been picked up by Heal allowing treatment leading to an improvement in their health and mobility. One particular employee had been carrying a back injury for 10 years and as a direct result of attending Heal is now pain free and has increased mobility and fitness."
Angus Barnett, W Brown Roadworks Ltd